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The #U.S. State Department on Jan. 18 urged #Turkey not to take any action in northern Syria, calling on Ankara to remain focused on the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). At a news briefing, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. wanted Turkey to abstain from violence in the northwestern city of Afrin. “We would call [...] on the Turks to not take any actions of that sort,” Nauert said. “We don’t want them to engage in violence but we want them to keep focused on ISIS,” she said, using another acronym for ISIL. . . Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a press conference following a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York. During the press conference, Lavrov Commented on the situation in Syrian #Afrin, denying that #Russia had withdrawn troops from the city. Turkish news agency Anadolu previously reported that Russian military had been leaving #Afrin.

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Marcy i promise you ur gonna be back home soon..! I miss u bro !! 😭i miss u baby !!😡😭 im going over extreme, i told u not to fuck wit me..ppl even kno u aint the mom ..! Ppl now u didnt raise him..! Ppl are on my side.. u have kidnapped a kid that u gave the baby to my parents wen he was born..! U didnt even try to take care of him..!and now all of a sudden since u buy him wat he wants but takes it from him to give to ur daughter and leave ur son crying and tell him not to talk to him amd scare him wit the cops and then u take him to a place were he dont wanna b U AINT A MOM ..! #A REAL MOM WONT PUT HER SON AGAINST FAMILY..! Ur just trying to play the mom part now .. and its too late cuz to marcel you will always be LUPE!!! U choose to go look for a nee guy instead of giving marcel ur attention..! U gave it to someone else..! But now u wanna call urself mom..! Ya ur daughter is urs not marcel..! Ppl need to know the fake bitch u r..! Ill b posting ur video soon ..! The way u treat my nephew..! And u call urself a MOM Phssss pls!! ..! U think ur really clever girl..! But u fucked up by leaving the state ..! U forgot marcel had a dad or wat..! Cuz u didnt make him by urself..! NEXT IS UR MS BF! stupidbitch #u #got #24hrs #left #ima #hit #were #it #hurts #uthemost #start #looking #for #new #bf #hoe!

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Feeling like one proud momma to co-present our on initiatives targeting black gay men with Rockstar extraordinaire Amber David! #NAESM2018 #HoustonStrong #U=U

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#u in love wit me hoee

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You guys are literally gonna kill me and tbh I would too but let me be honest. This list was in my opinion and even though I had various people in my lil roster for the top 5 I couldn't form the list in ANY way without including the daughters of Ivy. It's not so much Ivy's relationship with the one they hold between each other. Rose, Thorn, and Hazel had very different personalities and tbh they could be incorporated into so many teams like the teen titans or JLA and it's such a shame to see them as a one apperence throw away character. Last we know of them they went off into the world to explore it and then Ivy completely forgets about thier life and she's suddenly once again a villan that wants Harleys pussy like U G H. Tbh I'm fine with them moving away from Ivy but they have 3 potentially interesting characters (Rose, Hazel, and Thorn) and they don't empahsize or bring light to them. ➖➖➖➖ #DC #marvel #comics #anime #naruto #pokemon #batman #justiceleague #avengers #detectivecomics #valiant #spawn #injustice #games #borkmaster #Disney #raiseitforward #rebirth #rebirthdc #anad #anadmarvel #wonderwoman #xmen #h #l #b #u #d #grr (woo Oprah)

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Uno mas para la colección T♡M D. ₩🐾D #a #e #i #o #u

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T♡M D. ₩🐾D Voçe vai conseguir. #a #e #i #o #u

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Selamat pagi semuaaa,salam sejahtera ya😁 ceritanya pagi2 si kk acha dah nyasar kesinni,dirumahnya uyang 😁eh disuruh ama tante2 cantik @citrawahyuniwulandari @thesasr Buat nyanyi pacar dunia akhirat😊awalnya kk nggak benner2 hapal sih ama liriknya jadi banyak kepeleset gitu yah😀tapi nggakpapa lah ya karna di iringi suara tambahan dari tante2 cantik itu sempurnah jadinya😆nah semoga dari lagu yg kk nyanyikan ini menjadi do'a baik dan tersemogakan buat mami kk @puspahidayatlubis😘 Sama papi kk @man_fir99😘 Untuk jadi pacar dunia akhirat,semoga dipanjangkan juga usia pernikahannya amiiiin yra😇 #loveusomuch #mom #dad #u'rmyeverything😉