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You guys! I FINALLY filmed a tutorial for my everyday messy bun. I know I promised it to you all months ago, sorry for taking so long😬, but here it is. It’s really quick and easy, I hope you all like it. (I used two of my 3 clip tracks from my @barefootblondehair extensions for extra fullness.) #AllieLiliokalani . . . . . . #hairtutorial #hairtutorialvideo #hairvideo #hairhowto #messybun #easyhairstyles #hairstyleinspiration #videotutorial #hairblogger #barefootblondehair @barefootblondehair

59 minutes ago

Esfumado sem marcação que eu sou apaixonada ! Passo a passo pra você aprender e arrasar também mulher 👊🏾 compartilha Com aquela amiga que também ama make e até o final de semana quero todo mundo arrasando hein ♥️ A paleta que eu usei é maravilhosa e super barata da @belleangelmakeup O batom já falei pra vocês que amo é a cor n 33 da @latikacosmetics O pincel de esfumar O136 e cílios postiços #2 da @daymakeupbrasil Delineador em gel meu queridinho @inglot_brasil_official Produtos acessíveis e incrível 😍 #lehfernandesmakeup #atelieleticiafernades #passoapassomaquiagem #videomakeup #passoapasso #videodemaquiagem #tutorialdemaquiagem #videotutorial

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Style is not standing out, but being remembered.😘 Mention your besties, Bae😀 down below❣️ Follow @stylecompassionate

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Regrann from @de_briz - #Videotutorial 🎥 Плитка для стемпинга Victorial Flourish Cjs-46, штамп Big Bling XL и лак 051 @clearjellystamper 🖤💛 Активная ссылка на магазин в сториз. Черное желе Noir Primitif @yslbeauty 😍 #Stamping plate Victorial Flourish CjS-46, the Big Bling XL Stamper and stamping polish 051 by @clearjellystamper 🖤💛 Active link to the shop in my stories. Black jelly Noir Primitif by @yslbeauty 😍 #ClearJellyStamper #YSLBeauty - #regrann

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Finally finish 100 post about flower theme post! Believe it or not that's not even close to 1/10 of what's flower related! But now I can't wait to post other non flower related stuff like leaves or trees. Lol. Thanks for following/liking the photos and videos. As always check out the original artist if you enjoy their content on my page and be sure to support them by liking and following them. #with2L