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We be working on President’s day #hussle

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Desert Hills Motel | sometimes there’s beauty waiting to be discovered in your own backyard. This past weekend I traveled a historic stretch of highway near my place and found some pretty amazing locations including this motel, built in 1953. While I was out photographing there, the motel manager came out to say hi and then inquired if I wanted to buy the coke machine by the laundry room. I laughed and told him no thanks and he then asked me to let people know it’s for sale. Well, I’m a person of my word so there you have it. #vsocam #vsco #iphoneonly #twilight #williameggleston

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Bride, are you on the hunt for a Saturday in Septemeber or October 2018? Well a magic genie must be looking out for you because we have those dates! It’s time for you to come on out and explore our 20 acres & see the magic that’s being built. | Photo: @shaunmenary via @stylemepretty

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Já se olhou no espelho e agradeceu o quanto lhe faz bem!? Suas habilidades e conhecimentos aprimoradas a cada dia? Que o pouquinho que reclama é um grão de areia que cria montanhas? Acredite em você mesmo 🌿

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“Você terá que aprender, que a vida só dá asas a quem não tem medo de cair. 💫” Clicks: @oliviaportopimentel

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Fuckin' with me, call up on a Uzi And show up, man them the shottas When my homies pull up on your block They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta 💥💥💥 ( post malone rockstar ) 🎧

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Kalau udah skating di tempat ini, pasti pulang pulangnya udah kayak orang abis bongkar muatan kapal hahaaa geser kekanan coba kalau gak percaya 😂😬🤕🤟🏻 yang moto ALPAN BAD #skatelife #orangkapal #throwback2016

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Merokok lah pada tempatnya, tapi kalau belum boleh ngerokok jangan ngerokok diem diem ya, entar malah jadi rojali lagi ❌ rojali ( rokok jarang beli ) #sebat #ketengbat

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Stowaway 🛳

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nyanteee ajee breee, kenapeee jadi hebohh gitu sih 😂

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Edit info 🛒

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jujur saja ini bukan jas hujan tapi ini jaket anti hujan, fungsinya jika cuaca sedang hujan, radiasi galau tidak akan bisa conect ke diri saya, mantap bukan !! 🧘🏻‍♂️