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If we don’t challenge each other, we will stay in the same spot we are at all times. Challenging others is the essence of Sports. And who doesn’t love sports! If we master the art of challenging others and get them out of the comfort zone or to the point of triggering them, they will not get out of their head, they will live in their fantasy land and will never achieve anything. What do you think? Comment below...

10 minutes ago

These are all over some of the parking lots in Malaysia 🚘🚨 - Totally out of place on an island so chill as Penang. Also reminds me of some Singaporeans I met at the border though. - "Malaysia is dangerous", "stay out of dark alleyways", "they'll kidnap you and sell your organs". - They weren't joking, but there's a lot of prejudice at play here of course. Everything may just be a liiiiittle bit too neat in good old Singapore... 😅✌️ - I never really took it seriously. But after seeing this stuff, maybe I should 😬

19 minutes ago

Очень важная информация!📌📌📌📌📌📌📌 Кто хочет жить на Шри-Ланке около океана БЕСПЛАТНО, помогая нам - пишите мне в директ Нужен помощник (помощница) на долгий срок (от 3х месяцев) . Поделитесь этим постом со знакомыми - может кому-то такой шанс очень нужен!✌

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