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💥6 WAYS TO BICEP CURL💥 - 📌Get ready to hit the bookmark button because this one is a gem💎 - 💪🏼💥💪🏼In the wonderful world of bicep curls everyone keeps doing the same 3 exercises over & over wondering why their arms don't look better. - 😉So here you have 6 different ways to do bicep curls. - 🔑 No matter what kind of curl you do there's a few huge points you want to take home: - ✅Lock your shoulder blades in ✅Have zero excessive movement from anywhere else-rocking, swaying, or cheating ✅Focus on bringing your forearm to your upper arm--not just lifting the dumbbell - 👇I'll leave some of the more specific cues for each down below. - 🔥SPIDER CURLS🔥 The biggest thing with spider curls is driving your chest into the bench with the same intensity as your curl. - 🔥INCLINE CURLS🔥 Drive your shoulder blades & elbows back the whole time & keep your head & back on the bench. - 🔥CABLE CURLS🔥 These can be done a bunch of different ways just be sure you have the attachment you want & the pulley is where you want it. - 🔥HAMMER CURLS🔥 Keep those thumbs up the whole time. - 🔥PREACHER CURLS🔥 Be sure you drive your upper arm down into the pad with the same intensity as you're curling. Also, don't come up too much other wise you'll lose all the tension. - 🔥BODYWEIGHT CURLS🔥 Just keep your elbows up & don't let habit take over & let your back pull you up. - ⁉️Got questions about this stuff? Let me know below!👇😊👇 - ❤️🙏🏼Be sure you tag your homeboy or homegirl in this! #gymlegends #bicepworkout #biceps #bicepsworkout #arms #armsworkout #armday #armsday #workoutmotivation #workouts #workouttime #workoutday #workoutflow #workoutdone #workoutoftheday #workouttips #workoutlife #bodybuildingcom #workouthard #workoutathome #fitnation #fitjourney #fitforlife #fitstagram #fitnessinspiration #fitnessbody #fitnessphysique #fitnessfreak #fitnesstrainer #fitnesstips

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Chicken. Mango. Cucumber. Pork. Naan. Tasting menu for a special group. It’s always a pleasure to get to play for customers who are looking for a healthy approach to a fun meal. #thankyou #blessed