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Con esa luz, esos colores, ese ambiente de calle, de resistencia de lo antiguo mientras se deja paso a lo nuevo, esas viejas mercerías que aún resisten, esos miradores que te enseñan los tejados rojizos y las casas de colores y te dan paso a la inmensidad del Atántico o esos quioscos que te recuerdan a Paris y donde la temperatura siempre te invita a sentarte a tomarte otro café (y ese vino, ese queso, esa sardina y ese bacalao), cómo no te vas a querer quedar! Lisboa, November 2017 #lisboa #lisbon #portugal #travelstyle #travelling #photography #words #writing

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Dear baby, You are sixteen now and are going through the finest yet the lowest stage of your life. Yes, studies suck. Subjects seem to be your foes, and that fucking routine exhausts you. Whatever you learn, you forget. That mobile phone is too obsessive. Sleep is your biggest rival and whenever you decide to study, you bed down. Those tedious textbooks seem to sing lullabies.  I know you are troubled sometimes.  Not merely this, there are many more complications in your life. Those mean friends turn you crazy. You want to get rid of those unnecessary texts. You want to reveal your love for him but you worry that he'll split even the friendship then. So you prefer to be silent and happy with what you have. You hate those blemishes on your face. You want more food but don't want to gain calories. You want more clothes and fewer problems in your life. Ugh! That pain sucks. You hate periods and sometimes you loathe being a girl. And what about that judgemental society? They examine you on every move you make. They misinterpret your concepts and you are inadequate to justify them the matter. There are days when feel exhausted from within, like nobody can read you and nothing is worth living for. This will never stop. But you know what? You are a warrior. You are sufficient. People will judge, friends will leave but some will stay with you even at your worst, they are the real gems. Periods are the reason behind the existence of mankind, so be honored for being a girl. Pimples? Just a matter of some years darling. Yes, you are beautiful and the best. Speak up, go and disclose your love for him and don't bother about the conclusion. And yes, you need to study really hard, for a better life :) There is no backup. Friends are the best creatures alive, so be prudent enough while choosing friends. Problems will invariably be there but solutions are likewise hiding there only. Try to extract the best moments out of life. Try to find what exhilarates you the most. No matter what situation you encounter, wear that lovely smile on your face. Remember, optimism is the key to every door. And yes, I understand everything. ~your mom.

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#trappedsoul is one of those poems that could apply to many life moments. #lgbt moments for example. It talks about how, when you look in the mirror, you feel you can’t be that person everyone expects you to be, because it’s not who you are, and you feel like you will never be able to be the person that you are. . . . . . . . . . #poem #poems #poetry #poetryclub #poetrycommunity #poetrybook #photograph #poetsofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #writer #writing #writer #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #author #authors #authorsofinstagram #comingsoon #free #freeme #life #transgender #bisexual #gay

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Rachel always used her powers to grow the plants. One day a flower blossomed and she gave it to the man down the street. He had fallen in love with his neighbor and gave it to her. They wed the next year. Rachel catered the flowers with a snap of her fingers and smiled when they walked down the aisle.