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a few minutes ago

Just a dump of my edc. Loving the new @theneomag bc it's very good for deep concealment of my extra magazine. Some might consider two knives and two flash lights overkill but I consider it prepared in case of failure. My @trayvax wallet is comfortable in everything i wear, so much so that I sometimes forget that I have it. The @streamlightinc tlr-6 light just came in the mail today. Gotta get it zeroed in at the range. #edc #theneomag #xd #trayvaxwallet #alwaysprepared #springfieldarmory #xd9 #Kershaw #buckknives

14 minutes ago

รับยอดสบู่สตอแซ่บๆไปอีก10แถม10 🤘🏻🍃ฟินเฟร่ออออ ใครยังไม่มาเปิดบิลรีบเลยค่ะ ❗️หมดโปรแถมสิ้นเดือนนี้แย่วว🍓😂